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Water Resources Management and planning


1- Hydrogeology

a. Assessment of regional and local groundwater resources for rural, urban and commercial water supply.
b. Pre-development regional resource evaluation and sustainability assessment.
c. Implementation of groundwater exploration programs using GIS and geophysical methods.
d. Groundwater modeling using analytical and numerical methods for resource evaluation and effective management.
e. Development of groundwater management plans


2- Water Supply and Sanitation

a. Pre-feasibility studies for water supply and sanitation
b. Engineering design and supervision of construction of rural and urban water supply systems
c. Leak detection and rehabilitation of water distribution systems.
d. Treatment plants and pumping stations.
e. Demand assessment and projection.

3- Integrated Resource Management

a. Basin level resource evaluation
b. Development of integrated management programs
c. Hydrological analyses
d. Water point/source surveys
e. Community participation and stakeholder interaction

f.  Flood management
g. Drought management

4- Resources Assessment and Demand Analysis

a. Basin level resources evaluation
b. Water point/ source surveys
c. Population assessment and demand forecasting
d. Water demand analysis for rural and urban development
e. Groundwater-surface water interaction investigations


5- Shared Resources

a. Development of national and regional water development guidelines