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Environmental Impact Analysis/ Resources Protection Studies

1- Watershed Management

a. Hydrological network design and installation
b. Environmental monitoring network design
c. Water quality sampling and analysis
d. Base flow analysis
e. Non-point source pollution evaluation
f.  Rainfall network design and installation
g. Hydrological modeling


2- Resources Assessment and Demand Analysis

b. Basin level resources evaluation
c. Water point/ source surveys
d. Population assessment and demand forecasting
e. Water demand analysis for rural and urban development
f.  Groundwater-surface water interaction investigations

3- Environmental Impact Analysis/ Resources Protection Studies

a. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies.
b. Vulnerability studies and risk assessment.
c. Groundwater plumes mapping.
d. Impact of industrial wastes on groundwater.
e. Recommendations for resources protection.
f.  Eco- tourist
g. Climate Change