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"May Ahura Mazda protect this land, this nation, from rancor, from foes, from falsehood, and from drought". Selected from the book "The Eternal Land".  Cyrus, The Great, 539 B.C


Role of ancient water resources and environment management in Iran

Iran with an area of 635,000 sq. miles, lying between the Caspian Sea the and Persian Gulf, has physiographical and climatical features of arid and semi-arid regions. In general, about 50 percent of the country is desert and remaining percent consists of forest, pastures or land that is cultivable if given water.

In the course of history throughout Iran wherever farms required irrigating, there were water management and division systems. In terms of major water resources such as rivers, the central governments used to take control over water management systems, whereas the management of minor resources had nothing to do with the state and were managed by the public or sometimes by local land-lords. Water management systems have always played important roles in the Iranian civilizations, and according to some thinkers many economical and political structures in Iran have historical roots in water management systems. For example, Qanat is an Iranian original innovation which is completely in line with the climatic and natural conditions of this country.

It is impossible to keep the new technology away from people’s access. We can still learn from our traditions how to live in harmony with nature, if we want to control the misusing of modern technology in terms of water resources. However, Iran is historically considered at the top of the past water resources management and systems.


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